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For coaches, trainers and facilitators who love what they do – but hate selling it.

“I was brought up to think that making money and business was bad.

It’s part of the culture I grew up in and certainly ran deep in my family. So when it came to wanting to make a living from embodiment training, I really struggled. I was good at what I did, but horrible at selling it.

But I knew if I was going to make any kind of an impact, I needed to know how to market myself well.

Over time I found there are ways of working that align with my values, meaning I could make a decent living and be ethical at the same time. I realised I wasn’t just “bad with money” and that marketing was really about empathy, creativity and courage. 3 attributes I seriously admire.

I did well in the crowded world of coaching and yoga and would often have friends pull me to the side and ask what I was doing. They could see I was doing well for myself and seemed happy doing it.

Once I started sharing these ideas with others, I quickly realised people were hungry for a way to make a living in a way that matched their values. People would give me standing ovations on training just for reframing how they saw money. So I’m delighted to be teaching the same principles, ideas and strategies to you.

For me, it matters that you get fairly paid for doing work the world needs. Not knowing this stuff is disempowering and frankly, it pisses me off that the embodiment community doesn’t know this stuff.

So it‘s high time we got this out there.”

Mark Walsh, Founder, Embodiment Unlimited


a force for good

So you’re great at what you do – but hate selling it.

And because you’re a coach, trainer or facilitator skilled in working with the body and not a marketing expert, winning more clients is a constant uphill battle.

Put bluntly: You either don’t enjoy marketing, aren’t very good at it – or both.

Well, good news! You’re not alone.

For many of us, we’ve been brought up to believe money is bad, marketing is evil and if you dare try and get paid for using skills you’ve taken years to master to help other people – you’re a bad person.

But it’s a new era. The internet has taken over, there’s more competition now than ever before and if you can’t figure out a way to market yourself effectively without feeling pushy, cringy or sleazy – you’re pretty much screwed.

It’s about time we learned new ways to market our work that feels authentic, ethical and enjoyable. So we can actually build a business that gives us a reliable, sustainable income.

Marketing is really a form of play, generosity and spiritual practice

And when you start seeing it this way, you’ll realise just how enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) marketing can be.

Don’t believe me?

Join me 45-minutes a day for the next 5 days and I’ll prove it to you. I’ll even show you some of the techniques and strategies I’ve used over the years and how to apply them to your business, totally FREE.


Because we’re facing uncertain times and it’s more important than ever to know how to market our offering to the world to set ourselves up for a successful year.

Love what you do?
Love selling it, too.

If you want to:

Then tune into my Marketing Dojo sessions for the next 5 days, where I’ll be teaching every day for 45 minutes showing you how to:

Day 1

See marketing as a form of spiritual practice & differentiate “Jedi” vs “Sith” marketing

Day 2

Find your niche and rock it

Day 3

Write authentic marketing messages & sell without being cringy, pushy or manipulative

Day 4

Use social media effectively and ethically

Day 5

Collaborate effectively, build win-win relationships & help students spread the word (i.e referrals)

I’ll also be sharing:

Ready to learn how to authentically sell your work?

Who is this for?

The Marketing Dojo sessions are for coaches, trainers, facilitators – anyone working with the body through yoga, dance, martial arts, meditation etc. But more specifically, people wanting to:

  • Get more (and better) clients going forward
  • Build a better relationship with money
  • Learn how to sell your work more authentically
  • Actually enjoy selling your work and passion
  • Earn a healthy, sustainable income doing what you love

Guaranteed results (sort of)

If by the end of this week you don’t feel substantially more at ease about money, marketing and selling your work, I will personally buy you a unicorn-dolphin hybrid to ride off into the sunset with.

Jokes aside, I’ve been teaching ethical marketing at our flagship event, EFC, for years. And the feedback and results some of my students have seen from actioning this stuff speaks for itself.

I guarantee this will transform your relationship with money and marketing, and help you get on the right path to building a more sustainable business this year.

Hear what other people I’ve helped have to say

I can’t describe the impact of learning marketing from Mark. I’ve developed both embodiment and business skills and went from a shy, under confident, newly trained teacher to a business woman with a great niche, owning her expertise and really showing up in the world.

Erika Chalkley
(“women who are too nice” facilitator)

With my improved embodiment skills, I can now coach each client as an integrated whole. I would recommend embodiment to any coach working with communication or conflict.

– Ron De Brito, London, NVC Coach

Mark helped me bridge my passion with my work. I was hesitant to introduce body-driven tools and techniques while coaching in the corporate world. I discovered safe and straightforward methods that profoundly changed how I work. I enjoy what I am doing much more now, confident that I am delivering something good to my clients. Thanks, Mark!

– Ozlem Lale Kaleli, Istanbul, Trainer and Coach in Embodied Learning

Too many programmes focus on what you do to the client and not enough on how you impact them. Mark’s training helped me know myself better, have more choice about how I feel and react. This is essential for any coach or facilitator. Every coach and facilitator should study on one of Mark’s embodiment programmes.

– Jan Hills, London, Advisor, Author, and Speaker

As a conflict coach, embodiment is essential for me. Mark’s courses have provided tools—for myself and my clients—that are simple, accessible for anyone, adaptable to any situation, and genuinely useful.

– Lisa Fisher, Los Angeles, Conflict Coach

Mark taught me simple, impactful tools to make no-nonsense business people aware of how their body’s state affects their behaviour and decisions.

– Jan Mouton, Brussels, Embodied Transformation Coach

Ready to master ethical marketing?

Ready to start seeing better results in your business this year and finally master the art of marketing?

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